10 Sprints of Love and Laughter

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

On a dark rainy stormy night
You came along like a bright knight

With a ray of hope and without a doubt of slight
We knew that it might be the end of the twilight

In a few weeks you brought up the smile bright
Sleeping on our laps and holding our fingers tight

Our days started with you and your cries ended the night
No pains whenever, wherever, whatever heavy or light

Weeks went by fast, as the time remains so might
Our lives grew up with your crawls, steps and walk, left or right

Months gone by slow and steady without a stop, in sight
We learned patience with each of your small wins of bright

Years were spent dreaming about the new hope alight
We lived love and compassion every day and night

A decade is here, to remind us how you made it right
With every step, you made us proud without a regret of slight

With every moment of our lives having your smiling face as freight
Will fly through every hurdle, taking a leap of faith in our flight

We wish you a very happy birthday and a special dream every night
May God Bless You to live long & fulfill all those dreams with a might!




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Nilendu Pattanaik

Nilendu Pattanaik

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