Altruist of affection and coach for life

With a lot of pain for you, I landed in your lap with a scream
But wiping out your tears right then, you had a bright beam

I whined, cried and threw tantrum for next years to come
You sustained all these, only helping me grow, complaining seldom

Lullabies for restless nights, the support for the first crawl, stand or stroll
Or for tears on first day at school, you stood by me every day to make me roll

From numbers to alphabets, Grammar to literature, gravity to evolution
Every time I stumbled, you grabbed my hand and found me a solution

Cutting corners from your necessities, you saved penny by penny
For my cricket bat, my first bike, my first watch for my joy of many

The multiplication or the periodic, no tables remain unturned
With your constant vigilant and guidance, learning in life was earned

A drive to set higher goals, consistent encouragement from the start onward,
You taught me always to lead the pack, for I can look only forward and upward

For every victory of mine you were proud and for every failure, friendlier
For you knew, I wanted your care as much as your guidance to be an highflier

From favorite dish in dinner to the best dress in my wardrobe or that school in town
You ensured every little thing in my life to be perfect and fine, till my touchdown

From care for others and faith in the God, and lastly to become a good father
For all your teachings in life, my love and respect are for the motherhood !!!

Image by Vânia Raposo from Pixabay




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Nilendu Pattanaik

Nilendu Pattanaik

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