Indebted for a life and the persistent subsistence

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Every little thing
that made my life
was hand crafted
and adapted
by you

Every time I cried,
you gave me hope
and a reason to smile,
for everything that
only known to you

Every lonely moment,
that I lived here,
was accompanied
with amity of peace
rendered by you

Every pain in my life
that hurt me once,
was relieved with
gaiety and glee
delivered by you

Every time I got scared
or a loss that looked pertinent,
I got another prospect of
magical chance
spelled by you

Asking to breathe new
Found my parents and I grew
Looking to learn
Teachers were there by the turn

Seeking for happiness
There came the friends
Needing care and a stride
A partner stood by my side

When I looked for backing and aid
Siblings were all along securing from any raid
To help me feel compassion
A child was in my lap for elation

To deal with my unlimited need
A wonderful family to cover for all my deed
When I craved for satiation
You provided me with passion

To sense and search for my soul silver
A love for life and a mate in the heart for ever
I couldn’t have asked for more
Even though I could never tell you ever

Almighty, I thank you from my core
For helping me live my life, my way, lot more.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay




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Nilendu Pattanaik

Nilendu Pattanaik

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