Lights to illuminate life and colors to elucidate love

Image by F1 Digitals from Pixabay

Streets are crowded and houses are glittered with lights
Everyone is partying and celebrating with smiles of bright

Children are running around and playing with glee
Elders sharing the pleasantries and caring with a bliss

The striking colors outside the doorstep with the charm of pleasure
And the lighted candles drawing togetherness and triumph to treasure

The colors and light blended with each other bringing intimacy inseparably
The joy around knew no bounds with hearts mingling incessantly

Love and compassion across the street harmonized synchronously
Powered by smiles and laughs to bring happiness ceremonially

The knowns and the unknowns came forward to greet and meet
And I had my grin to hug and embrace the amity and alliance neat

But something was amiss not letting me to feel the warmth and care
I kept on searching for those beautiful eyes and my dearest silky hair

Walking down the lane amidst fervor and favor, I came along to the doorway
That, I knew so well would remain open; provide access to my soul right away

The colors outside were so neatly done and the flowers beautifully arranged
I could hear the familiar sounds of the steps, feel the air delectably scented

That stunning visage and its striking appearance had my heart beating to long
But there was no trust, belief and confidence, that were my strength all along

I couldn’t find a place to step in; my hands trembled, trying to open the door
She had tears in her eyes, and told me to stop, as I don’t live there any more

Sky fell down over with questions of trust, truth that never stopped coming
I was clueless, dazed for remorseless tests; living here, without my darling

Walking back , the charm of colors and the life in lights felt missing
My heart ached not being able to cry and lips dried, drubbed without kissing

Whispers of pain kept me reminding “He used to be a lover and king”
Someone heard saying “They could never cease to love and cling”

Heard the steps following me and turned around
Alas, that was my soul, that I left with her, safe and sound

I stretched my hands to touch it like I used to cuddle it daily
But it just stared at me and turned back, wishing me Happy Diwali

I pleaded and begged to pardon me for letting it go with my life lost
He seemed unperturbed and stubborn, about being accused of mistrust

The world celebrated the festivities and illuminated their cheerful lives
I still search for love, care, compassion for a soulless life, to have its reprieves.

Image by pradippal from Pixabay




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Nilendu Pattanaik

Nilendu Pattanaik

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