To the fatherhood of solidarity, strength & sympathy

Image by Jeff Allen from Pixabay

No memories of being in your lap for first time
But it must have secured me assuring for all time
Your smile bringing me the beam in no time
And your finger wrapped in my fist, for care, right in time

Those days of plays, falls , crawls and walking
Your arms, shoulders never got tired of caressing
Those hectic times of cries, whines never felt tiring
All my demands, just or not, fulfilled by you, in smiling

Those strolls in the park and your voice in the dark
The first day in the school to make my own mark
And that day of learning the cards for a new lark
Your attention everywhere helped me grow safe and stark

From Mom’s disciplining to monotonous homework
Through every sphere of my life and professional work
Whenever, that I needed an easy fly out of the murk
You gave wings to my dream, covering my mischiefs with a smirk

From the first trip into the winds in your motor bike
Till you helped me to learn to ride my own bike
Every time you were with me side by side for my like
And your support, and belief in me helped overcome any strike

From the first story book to toys, dresses and even the television
all the while when you brought something new to the horizon
You found out happiness only in my smiles in any small occasion
And celebrated my life as your fulfillment without any hesitation

Those crafted stories per my want to make me sleep
Making the first pizzas together or when the ice cream slipped
Your tight hugs, compassionate care got my sickness clipped
Every bit of your attention didn’t let my life ever dipped

From my childhood to the days of growing my own child
You were a pillar of support, without slowing, even for a mild
Your charm blossomed my life and love gave me a shield
I wish you many more years of joy, always to remain fully blissed…

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay




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Nilendu Pattanaik

Nilendu Pattanaik

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